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Lighting Services

Lighting Electrician

As a professional electrical contractor in Orange County, with over 30 years of experience we proudly provide the following commercial and industrial electrical lighting services throughout Los Angeles and Southern California:

  • Commercial lighting installations and repair lighting surveys when customers call we are ready to respond 24/7 whether the need is for a competitive request for proposal, basic electrical work, or the need for emergency service.
  • Office, warehouse, or plant electrical lighting service troubleshooting, bulb replacements, ballast replacements, photocell, and detailed load testing. This may also include replacing circuit breakers, circuit tracing, new panel installations, engineering, and troubleshooting hard to diagnose lighting problems.
  • Time clock, integrated timer controls, and computer assisted energy saving devices for repair and troubleshooting when called for. Detailed lighting surveys with cost concern energy saving plans for all sizes of projects.
  • Parking lot and pole lighting with lift truck can be accommodated for all types of projects whether it be basic repairs, troubleshooting, bulb replacements, ballast replacements, or retro fits to LED lighting.
  • Underground conduit installations and consulting for exterior pole light, or anything underground. In some cases exterior project repairs call for detailed trenching on occasion and the need to install or replace damaged wire or conduit which deteriorated. Keeping the job clean at all times and being able to install conduit in a timely manor so that re patching asphalt or concrete can be completed quickly.
  • 24 hour service is maintained 7 days a week, including holidays. We do all types of lighting installation in Orange County and Los Angeles.
  • Corporate or national accounts are welcome and we have many companies that utilize our services; call orders can be by phone or e-mail.
  • Parking Lot Lighting

LED Lighting–bulb retrofits - New LED fixtures

LED lighting can be installed in place of conventional incandescent lighting!
See our pictures of our technicians replacing parking lot lights with new LED lighting fixtures. Maximum cost savings can be accomplished by replacing or retrofitting existing pole top, wall pack, and roadway lighting with LED light fixtures.

LED Street Light & Roadway Luminaire–high power shoebox-style.

  • Only 65 Watts
  • Replaces 250-Watt HPS bulb VS. a comparable LED set-up of only 65 Watts.
  • Estimated cost savings over a one-year period at 11 hours per day use is 70% (based on 10 cents/kilowatt hour you save $61.84/year or about 70% for one light fixture).
  • No need to replace existing parking lot poles—just install new light fixtures (call for a fast quote).
  • The final LED shoe box fixture is completed. This fixture looks similar in size and shape to the millions of non-LED shoe box fixtures in California and only uses 96 Watts (versus 250 Watts).


  • Warranty usually 3-5 years.
  • Very Low Power Consumption 250-Watt HPS bulb VS.a comparable LED set-up of only 65 Watts..
  • Solid-state:
    • Long Life
      White LED's last for 50,000+ Hours (5.7+ Years) of continuous operation
    • Less Weight
      Weighs only 24 lbs. as compared to 39-42 lbs. conventional lighting
    • Optimized Circuitry
      Power factor corrected for maximum efficiency
    • "Instant-On"
      No delay in re-strike
    • Reduces Light Pollution
      "Dark Skies Initiative"-Friendly
    • Ambient Operating Temperature Range:
      ~-22°F to ~+122°F (~-30°C to ~+50°C)

Options available:

  • Other Voltages
  • Other LED colors
  • Narrow or wider beam angle
  • Various mounting hardware


  • Parking structures
  • Building mounts
  • Up/down spotlighting
  • Pole-mounted area lighting
  • Sign lighting


  • Major Energy Savings
    Over 65% compared to incandescents
  • Extended Life
    Maintenance-free for over 5 years
  • No Harmful Infrared
  • Reduces Light Pollution
    No Wasted Light
  • No Ultraviolet Emission
    Does Not Attract Insects
  • Enhances Vision
    Better optical acuity & little or no disability glare (as compared with high glare from HID Lamps)

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