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Angels Baseball Promotion

Angels Tickets Give-Away

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New LED T8 linear bulbs save energy and last longer

New LED Lighting Options

These new LED bulbs can realize up to 60% savings over conventional ones. Electro Systems is selling and installing these energy efficient lighting options all across O.C. and Los Angeles.

The original conventional LED's offer good long term savings, while the newer self regulated style can provide immediate short term savings.
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Electrician helps brighten holidays for homeless

Christmas Lighting in Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach —An electrician is spreading holiday cheer using twinkle lights, a tradition from him and his staff for 15 years. This year, he hung lights at a women's shelter in Huntington Beach.

Mitch Cottrell, owner of Electro Systems Electric, this year put up hundreds of colored lights at Collette's Children's Home, a shelter for homeless women and children.
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Lighting up for the holiday

Six-year-old Chelsea Ermel was scared that Santa Claus wouldn't find her house if it had no Christmas lights.

Electro Systems Electric, Inc. decorated homes for 11 Surf City families this year. For four years now, the electric system company has been supplying strings of lights and labor to elderly and low-income residents who can't afford their own decorations.
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O.C. Briefing—Chatter

When it comes to spreading holiday cheer, Mitch Cottrell, owner of Electro Systems in Huntington Beach, puts his money and time on the line. He is offering to buy and install Christmas lights for the elderly and those who cannot afford to decorate their own homes.

If you know someone in need, call Cottrell at (714) 848-5646 or e-mail electros@aol.com.
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