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Office Cubicles Service

Installations of Electrical Systems for Office Cubicles

Call us when you need cubicle installation done by professional electricians who understand the needs of your office.

As a professional electrical contractor in Orange County, with over 30 years of experience we proudly provide the following office cubicle / systems furniture electrical services throughout Southern California:

  • Office cubicle / systems furniture electrical installations and repair when furniture suppliers, installers, or end user customers call we are ready to respond 24/7 whether the need is for consulting, competitive request for proposal, basic electrical troubleshooting, or the need for emergency service.
  • Office cubicle moves is our specialty and we can assist customers with this need whether it be a single cubicle installation, an inner office move, or a larger 100 cubicle move to a new location. Supplying circuit power tracing to determine if existing power is adequate or if there is a need to install additional power which knowing these facts in advance can save time and money.
  • Decommissioning or removal of power or data lines connected to office cubicles when the need is to have an electrician cap off/safe off those power connections when office cubicles are to be removed for storage, relocation, or sold to a new owner.
  • Troubleshooting power problems within office cubicles can be challenging for furniture installers especially when bad power problems can damage computers and sensitive equipment. We can troubleshoot these issues quickly thus saving the customer time and money by locating problems at the source the first time.
  • 24 hour service is maintained 7 days a week, including holidays. We are located in Huntington Beach CA and handle cubicle installations and office electrical systems throughout Orange County and Los Angeles County.
  • Many local furniture / installers / relocation companies utilize our services and we welcome out of state companies as well to call for quotes or service. Service call orders can be by phone or e-mail.
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