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Commercial & Industrial Electrical Service

Commercial Electrician in Orange County

Are you looking for an Orange County Commercial Electrician?

Our electrical Technicians are experienced in all types of commercial electrical services at an honest, competitive price. Electro Systems understands the specific project requirements of planning, design and implementation of project installations. We offer a full scope of pre-construction consultation and service throughout Southern California. With commercial / industrial electrical expertise our experience ensures that your electrical project is completed on time and on budget while conforming to all mandated codes.

As a professional electrical contractor in Orange County, with over 30 years of commercial / industrial experience we proudly provide the following commercial and industrial electrical services throughout Southern California:

  • Commercial electrical installations and repair when customers call we are ready to respond 24/7 whether the need is for a competitive request for proposal, basic electrical work, or the need for emergency service. We are a premier Orange County commercial electrician
  • Office and warehouse service may include relocating office equipment power for such items as copiers, printers, paper compactors, testing/replacing circuit breakers, circuit tracing, new panel installations, engineering, and troubleshooting hard to find misc. electrical problems.
  • Industrial electrical installations and repairs for all plant, manufacturing, and related facilities may include equipment power moves, or power decommissioning, motor controls, circuit tracing, power installations, troubleshooting, circuit breaker testing / replacements, new panel and service installations, along with all general electrical repairs, interior and exterior lighting, and related improvements. Call Electro Systems when you need a reliable Orange County industrial electrician.
  • Underground conduit installations and consulting for inner office, and or exterior project needs where trenching is a must to install new or replace damaged wire or conduit which deteriorated. Keeping the job clean at all times and being able to install conduit in a timely manor so that re patching asphalt or concrete can be completed quickly.
  • Computer room power installing UPS systems or under floor cabling keeping these types of related installations clean, neat, and properly labeled.
  • 24 hour service is maintained 7 days a week, including holidays.Operating out of Huntington Beach, Orange County CA, we also service most of Southern California.
  • Corporate or national accounts are welcome and we have many companies that utilize our services in Orange County or the Greater Los Angeles area; call orders can be by phone or e-mail.
  • Orange County Industrial Electrician

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