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Affordable T8 Linear LED Light Tube – Sales/Installation

LED Tube

Are you searching for the latest trend in lighting installation and electrical services – LED lights?

Now is the time to upgrade your office or facility with LED T8 style light tubes, bulbs, and you can realize up to a 60% energy and cost savings over conventional T8 light bulbs. General illumination for homes, offices, restaurants, hotels, malls, buses, trains , warehouses, parking lots,hospital,airport etc; Task lighting for cabinets, cupboards etc in your homes, restaurants, and kitchens or any other places where accent lighting is required. Retail display lighting for the articles in your stores and shops; Back lighting for square billboards or advertisement boards. Let Electro Systems handle your LED lighting installation.

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For new LED lighting installation and retro fit there are 2 styles of LED linear T8 tubes to choose from. These shown both have internal drivers, and can have the same T8 look with glass, or plastic lens tube, frosted or clear. The #2 would be considered PLUG & PLAY and both are UL and DLC approved

  • #1- The original conventional style T8 linear LED lighting tube light bulbs is to be direct wired for 120 through 277 volts direct, but what does this mean? In a normal T8F32 light fixture there is a ballast which converts voltage for the typical T8F32 light tubes to work. With these conventional style T8 linear LED bulbs the input voltage bypasses the ballast and must be rewired to one end of the LED tube. For long term maintenance savings this is the best solution.
  • #2- The new self regulated style T8 linear LED tube light bulbs can be installed without any rewiring by an electrician, but what does this mean? In a normal T8F32 light fixture there is a ballast which converts voltage for the typical T8F32 light bulbs to work. With this new style T8 linear LED the voltage is self regulated and the only work to do is to literally change bulbs without any rewiring or PLUG & PLAY. Since the existing ballast will feed voltage to this new style LED bulb if the ballast were to fail you will still need to install a new ballast. LED lights and bulbs generally have a rated life of 50,000 hours so the need to replace ballasts is still a possibility. The short term savings is a good selling point for this type of led lighting bulb.

LED Light Tube Installation
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